Borg Warner Trophy Visits Race Fan Working at Pandora Store

Katie Mech, a manager at the Pandora jewelry store at the Millenia Mall in Orlando, Florida, had the Borg-Warner Trophy specially delivered to her on Wednesday, March 7th, in a gesture that was literally a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The trophy was initially on display at the Tag Heuer store in the mall as part of a promotional effort by INDYCAR, 2016 Indianapolis 500 winner, Alexander Rossi, and the watch retailer.

Mech, who is a racing fan (okay, more like obsessed fanatic), was distraught that she was so close to seeing the trophy awarded to the winner of the annual Indianapolis 500 mile race but was stuck in her store.  Being the only manager on duty, she had no choice but to stay put or risk losing her job.

In fact, as she mentioned in one of her tweets, she was “hyperventilating” at the very thought of being so close, and yet, so far from seeing such an iconic piece of sports memorabilia.

After a series of tweets and messages were exchanged on Twitter, much to her surprise, Rossi and the folks handling the trophy took the time to roll the trophy down to the Pandora store for Mech to get an up-close and personal look.

“Fan surprises never disappoint,” Rossi said on Twitter.  “We found (Mech) and she got to see her hero tonight.

“And it totally wasn’t me.”

Check out the video above to see and heaer Mech tell the story in her own words.

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