Why is This Racing Engineer Called “Woody?”

When I started working full-time in the racing industry, I came across a gentleman that everyone called “Woody.”  It would be several weeks before I learned his actual name is Brent Harvey.

Harvey got his start in 1993 with Bettenhausen Motorsports after completing his studies at IUPUI.  He has also done stints at Cheever Racing, Panther Racing, and HVM Racing.

Harvey currently works for Ed Carpenter Racing as an Engineer and also Spencer Pigot’s Race Strategist.  Both Harvey and Pigot took the time to help us get to know Harvey a little better, including explaining where the “Woody” name came from — well, Woody did, anyway.  Pigot didn’t get the reference.  In fact, for anyone born before 1990, Pigot’s lack of understanding of the reference might just make you cry…

Check out the video above to get to know Harvey a little better!

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