Kaye Totton: Fifty-Eight Indy 500s Down, a Lifetime More to Go

One of the wonderful ladies I had the pleasure of meeting this month was Kaye Totton.  With the 102nd Indianapolis 500 complete, she’s just finished working her 58th event!

Totton’s current role at the speedway, as she puts it, is to be a “hydration engineer,” but in reality, she does a lot to facilitate the needs of the members of the media.  She’s been around for awhile, and as such, she knows a lot of people.  Personally speaking, she went out of her way to introduce and put me in touch with people to help me do my job.  A simple “hydration engineer” she is not.

In this video, she shares how she got her start in racing, the ties her family has had with Bobby Marshman and Roger McClusky, the difficulties of winning the Indy 500, and how important each and every person is that works this event to make it the annual success that it is.

She is another fixture at the speedway that I look forward to seeing every year upon my future.

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