Podcast, Episode 2: Sam Goldsmith Shares Stories From the Road

Recently, Sam Goldsmith took a trip to the first F3 Americas race of the season in Pittsburgh where he was punched in the face!  We ask Sam to share a little about that experience…

We also took this Thursday to throw things back a little bit and re-live some stories from travelling on the road.  Highlights include:

-Chris Hogue being both the victim and instigator in some pretty epic pranks.

-Celebrating my 21st birthday in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

-Steve Namisnak having his leg broken after being run over before a pitstop, then being dragged up by a teammate to finish the stop!

-Sam dragging Helio Castroneves out of an upside-down burning car in Richmond.

-Receiving a letter from a hotel informing our team we were not welcomed back.

And much more!

Once again, thanks to Sam Goldsmith for taking the time.  Enjoy!

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  1. Sam Goldsmith says:

    love what you have done with the site

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